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READ THIS FIRST: Getting Technical Help

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1 READ THIS FIRST: Getting Technical Help on Wed Mar 05, 2014 6:48 pm

This post lists some of the most common technical issues and how to solve them. Please make sure to try out the solutions listed for your issue before posting. If you’re unable to find a solution for your issue, then please post in the forums (see posting guidelines below).


My account has been hacked!

When an account is “hacked”, it means that it has been compromised or rather, someone else besides you has access to your account and can make changes to it. This is actually phishing and does not mean that the Aresio Forums site was compromised. Almost all of the time, accounts are compromised because the account owner did something (maybe by accident) that helped the "hacker" get access to their account.


Someone is being mean to me!

When you see somebody breaking Aresiio rules, please click on the nearest Report button (found on every forum post). This will send a copy of their words to the moderators, who can review the report and determine what punishment is appropriate. Please do not post here complaining about individual players -- this is against Aresiio rules, and will get YOU in trouble, and not them.

It can take a few minutes for a report to get to the moderators, so be patient!

NOTE: The button on the bottom of every page that says "Report an abouse" is NOT for us! That button is to report stuff to our provider, Please use the report buttons in the forum posts! If you see an inappropiate profile, report a post by the user but telling the moderator to view the posters profile instead or just PM a moderator.


None of these are my issue or None of the solutions worked for me!

If you’re not able to find any other solutions that work for you, then please post. Other players that have had a similar issue or have a similar system configuration may be able to help you. Our support teams do periodically check these forums for issues and to assist players. Please make sure your post includes the following:

-Detailed description of your issue, make sure to include any specific error messages and whether it happens all the time or just sometimes or just in some places (the more details the better)
-Details about your computer – are you using Windows Vista, 7, 8? What browser are you using?
-What solutions you’ve already tried

If you continue to need assistance or to report an urgent issue that is happening for all players, please contact an Administrator.. Please make sure to include the same details as requested above in a forum post.

P.S. We are currently creating a support e-mail and off-site help page! These will be added shortly!

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