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General Rules of Aresiio Contest Forum

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1 General Rules of Aresiio Contest Forum on Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:38 pm

First off, I'd like to say that these rules are pretty much just common knowledge. But just in case, here are the very basic rules for this forum:

This forum is for talking about Aresiio contests! You can also post your contest requests here. The staff may reply your posts, but even if they don’t post in your thread it doesn’t mean they didn’t read it.

The rules of the Contests forum:

- Rudeness is not allowed. Examples of what not to post as your only reply, “Get out”, “dumb idea”, “no support”, “no, just no”. Short negative replies are not at all helpful and diminish the effort the person put into their post.

- When the staff make sticky posts and ask for your replies, you should reply in their thread. Do not make extra threads about the sticky topic. The staff are mainly only going to read replies to their own post.

- This forum is only for talking about Aresiio contests. If you have a suggestion or idea for something other than Aresiio Contests you should post it here:

Note: We're thinking of changing this forum into the Events forum, which would automatically have contests already incorporated into the discussion of this forum.

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