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Aresiio Forums Rules and Guidelines

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1 Aresiio Forums Rules and Guidelines on Wed Mar 05, 2014 6:36 pm

---[[[Aresiio Forums Rules and Guidelines]]]---

--Basic Rules--

1. The Moderator is always correct. They have been told exactly what to do and know exactly what the rules are.

2. No racism, no sexism, no segregation of any kind. Everyone is equal, you are never to make fun of someone because of their beliefs, that is never allowed and you will be banned for it,

3. Flaming is allowed to a minimum. Meaning if you’re just joking around, “he is a meanie lol” is okay, but “HE IS A JERK I HOPE HE DIES” is not ever allowed and will be banned if you do so.

4. Don’t reveal peoples identity if they please you don’t. Meaning if you have a picture of them in real life and they tell you not to show anyone and you post it, you will be banned. The forum you post this type of content in will be DELETED (instead of if being changed to "[ Content Deleted ]").

5. No Religion, as it leads to flame about personal beliefs. Which may I remind are *personal*. This same applies to Politics. Doing so will result in a warning/ban.

6. Don’t spam, it’s annoying. We all hate it, so if you don’t do it, it makes the entire forum community a better place for us all. Spamming continually will result in a ban.

7. Post topics that are on topic, for example, talk Aresiio on the All Things Aresiio forum, not the Help forum.

8. When you quote someone, you are to keep exactly what they wrote. Changing it and making it inappropriate will result in a ban.

9. No. Nude. Photos. This rule is the most serious rule out of any. If you dare do this, regardless it be yourself or a random person you will be permanently IP banned, account banned forever and even result in exile fro Aresiio depending the severity. That applies to ANYONE who helps to spread or marks a comment that is meant to insult of cause harm. You report the post and contact a moderator if you see it.

Follow these rules, and use general common sense and you should face no problems.

Remember, if you have to think twice about posting it, it best be you don't post it.

---How to tell who is a staff member and who isn't---

Now this is easy:
1) The users username is either red or blue
2) Whenever the user posts on the forums, his/her text is red
3) The user has a badge under his/her profile all throughout the forums saying "moderator" or "administrator"

If said user does not have all of the above, then said user is not an official staff member, even if the user has red text. Official staff members have ALL of the above. Users who try to impersonate staff members are obviously stupid.

---Administrative Ranks---

Administrator- This rank is given to the most prestige members of the forums. This is a near impossible feat, as it holds many responsibilities on the forums, and oversees all operations and programs within the forums. These are chosen by Jason Kinetec himself. Any post made by an administrator cannot be reported to moderatos.

Moderator- These members are in charge of moderating and enforcing the rules all over the forums. While Admins do more of the behind the scenes, idealist work, these members do more of the actual deleting of forums, and punishment. These are chosen by the Administrators and Jason Kinetec u2 (me) has to approve of the moderator.

---Moderation Team---

This section will be edited whenever there is a new member of the Moderation team.

Administrators- Jason Kinetec, u2

Moderators- Dystratics

-This is subject to change at any time.-

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2 Re: Aresiio Forums Rules and Guidelines on Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:48 pm


Hey everyone! Jason Kinetec has just made a new feature for us! He created the Reports Database into an HTML page so admins don't have to go into the admin panel to review reports!

To get there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Reports Database", located on the right (of the bottom).

Or, you can just click here.

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